Videos about Fostering

Any of Us

‘Any of Us’ is the sixth film produced by a growing partnership of local councils and children’s trusts to promote local authority fostering. Having grown from a small Midlands consortium in 2017, the ‘Any Of Us’ project is the largest public sector film collaboration yet, now with over 80 participants from Northumberland to Cambridge and Liverpool to Brighton.


Our 2022 film, simply called ‘Childhood’, highlights the impact of neglect on children. It shows the journey of ‘Sophie’ and ‘Charlie’ who are in a very difficult home situation where their needs are not being met, to being nurtured and supported through foster care to attend school and be able to enjoy their hobbies and interests. In other words, have a childhood.

Out There

Weaves the stories of a young man looking for direction in his life and the man who feels something is missing in his life, before he becomes a foster carer, discovering what’s ‘out there’ for him and making a difference that will last a lifetime. ‘Out There’ was shortlisted for a West Midlands Regional Film & Television award in 2021.


Our first regional collaboration in 2017 – and the film that set – off what’s now become a national phenomenon – ‘Giants’ tells the story of a brother and sister coming into care and showing the importance of keeping siblings together. ‘Giants’ was also the first of our films to be nominated for a West Midlands Regional Film & Television award.

There Was A Boy

Our 2019 regional film collaboration was ‘Out There’ the story of a teenage boy and his need for the guidance and support of a loving foster family as he struggles to find the right path in life. As with all our film projects, ‘Out There’ is a fictional story, with actors in all the roles, from a story line developed with children’s services staff with first hand experience of stories just like this.

Truth Be Told

‘Truth Be Told’, is a slightly different film, telling the true stories of two foster carers who made a real difference to the lives of the children they gave a home to in another borough (all roles played by actors). The film was then promoted as a regional fostering film supported by 14 local councils and children’s trusts across the Midlands.

‘Truth Be Told’ gives an honest insight into the resilience foster carers need to be prepared to show when supporting children, who through no fault of their own, have not had the easiest start in life.

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The rewards of foster caring extend far beyond the positive influence on a child, as fostering can bring personal growth, fulfilment, and a sense of purpose to your own life.

Together, we can create a brighter future for vulnerable children and build a more compassionate society.